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Garage Door Maintenance

It’s wise to keep the garage door maintained. Isn’t it? But you already know that since you are looking for specialists in garage door maintenance in Thornhill, Ontario. Make sure all phases of this vital service are performed with the accuracy demanded by turning to us. At Thornhill Garage Door Repair, we assign maintenance services to experienced pros who follow the steps of a detailed checklist. Everything is properly checked.

Garage Door Maintenance Thornhill

The best in Thornhill garage door maintenance service

The Thornhill garage door maintenance checklist is actually long. Although garage doors differ in many aspects – from their type and material to their condition and size, they are all inspected in a meticulous manner.

The appointed pros always start with garage door inspection. A visual inspection allows them to understand the overall condition of the garage door. Of course, they activate the garage door to see how it runs and notice if there’s anything popping out or if there’s a strange noise.

They continue their inspection by checking all parts – the springs, cables, opener, tracks, rollers, and all small components. They inspect the fasteners and see if they need to be tightened. They test the balance and the force of the garage door, the spring tension, the travel limits, the opener components, and safety features – everything. If there’s a need for even a minor garage door adjustment, they do what they must on the spot.

As they inspect and test the parts, they also remove debris and old lubricants. Experienced with garage door troubleshooting, they see if there’s any issue – any weak point or something rotten or damaged. Naturally, they fix garage door issues and make a note of anything serious to let you know. Of course, they also lubricate.

Expand garage door lifespan with regular maintenance

When the service is completed, the garage door moves smoothly and properly. With regular maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, and fixing, garage doors work correctly, safely, and smoothly every day since problems are not given the chance to grow. They are caught and taken care of before they cause serious trouble. That’s the whole point of booking the service regularly. And when you entrust maintenance to our team, you can be certain of the expert and thorough way it’s done, regardless of the garage door type. Go ahead and ask us about regular programs. If you want, book the Thornhill garage door maintenance service now and contact us every time you want to schedule maintenance again. Whatever you decide, we are here and ready to serve.